Wyncity enters new era of bowling with Lanetalk

Welcome to a new era for Bowling Enthusiasts!

Wyncity Bowling has taken an exciting step into the digital age by partnering with Lanetalk, the innovative bowling app that's transforming the way we enjoy and experience the sport. This collaboration is set to revolutionize your time at the lanes, offering a seamless blend of fun, competition, and technology.


What is Lanetalk?
For those unfamiliar, Lanetalk is a cutting-edge app designed to enhance your bowling experience. It connects with bowling centers' scoring systems, allowing players to track their scores in real time, analyse their performance, and compete with friends and players worldwide. Lanetalk brings the world of bowling to your fingertips, making it easier than ever to engage with the sport both on and off the lanes.


What This Means for You?
Real-Time Score Tracking: Say goodbye to the days of manually writing down scores or losing track of your best games. Lanetalk provides automatic score updates, so you can focus on your game and have a detailed history of your performance at your fingertips.

Performance Analytics: Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, understanding your game is key to improvement. Lanetalk offers in-depth analytics, helping you identify strengths, weaknesses, and trends over time.

Global Competitions: Wyncity’s partnership with Lanetalk opens up a world of competitive opportunities. Participate in global tournaments, challenge friends remotely, and see how you stack up against bowlers from around the globe.

Social Features: Share your achievements, challenge friends to beat your high scores, and stay connected with the bowling community. Lanetalk turns bowling into a social experience, extending the fun beyond the lanes.

Exclusive Offers and Rewards: As part of this partnership, Wyncity Bowling patrons can look forward to exclusive offers and rewards through the Lanetalk app, making every visit more rewarding.


Getting Started

Getting started with Lanetalk at Wyncity Bowling is easy. Simply download the app, connect it to your Wyncity account, and you’re ready to roll. Whether you're there for a casual game with friends or gearing up for a serious competition, Lanetalk enhances every aspect of your bowling experience.

The partnership between Wyncity Bowling and Lanetalk is a game-changer for bowling enthusiasts. By combining top-notch facilities with the latest in bowling technology, Wyncity is paving the way for a more connected, competitive, and enjoyable bowling experience. So download the Lanetalk app, and head to Wyncity Bowling to experience the future of bowling today!