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Thanks for showing your interest in one of our bowling leagues.  Remember to share this with your friends as the more friends you refer the more chances you have to win the WYNCITY 300 card!


(Subject to change)

1. Who can enter?

1.1. Anyone who is eligible to compete in any of Wyncity’s bowling leagues.
1.2. All league bowlers across all Wyncity venues (Point Cook, Morwell, Keon Park).

2. How can you enter

2.1. Every Wyncity league bowler will automatically receive 1 entry into the draw after the 4th week of attendance in each league they compete in.
2.2. Non-current league bowlers that sign up for a bowling league at Wyncity will automatically receive 2 entries into the draw after the 4th week of attending their first league.
2.3. Current league bowlers who refer a friend will automatically receive 1 entry into the draw after their referred friend’s 4th week of attendance of that league.
2.4. Non-current league bowlers will be considered a current league bowler after their registry for the first league.

3. Important dates

3.1. Entries into the competition will begin on the 18th of Feb 2022.
3.2. Entries into the competition will stop on the 28th of April 2022.
3.3. The competition will be drawn on the 28th of May 2022.
3.4. The “Wyncity 300” card will be valid from the 28th of May 2022 to the 28th of May 2023.

4. Privacy

4.1. Refer to current Wyncity privacy policy (Link word to privacy policy page)

5. “Wyncity 300” card

5.1. “Wyncity 300” card holders will be given free league entry into any Wyncity leagues they wish to compete in.
5.2. Card holders will receive free bowling practice at all Wyncity venues during OFF-PEAK open trading hours.
5.3. This card is not transferable. The winners name will be printed on the card and only valid for the competition winner.
5.4. “Wyncity 300” card holders may be required to present I.D to confirm their identity when using the card.
5.5. The “Wyncity 300” card is not redeemable for cash
5.6. Free bowling practices only applies to the winner. Group members games will not be included on the card.
5.7. The “Wyncity 300” card does not include the hour of power deal
5.8. The “Wyncity 300” cards will be available to the winners on the day of the draw, 28th of may 2022.

6. Entries into the draw

6.1. Current league bowlers will atomically receive 1 entry into the draw per league bowled.
6.2. Bowlers not currently registered to a Wyncity league will receive 2 entries for the first league joined. New league bowlers will receive 1 additional entry for every other Wyncity league joined.
6.3. League bowlers who refer a friend that bowls at least 4 weeks of a league competition will receive 1 entry into the draw for the referral.
6.4. Entries will not be in the draw until the bowler’s 4th week of league attendance.

7. The draw

7.1. The competition will be drawn on the 28th of May 2022.
7.2. 1 “Wyncity 300” card will be given out per Wyncity venue (Point Cook, Morwell, Keon Park), 3 in total. Entries into the draw will be separated by venue.
7.3. 1 winner will be chosen from each venue (Point Cook, Morwell, Keon Park).
7.4. Entries will store in a data base and the winners will be chosen by a random number/name generator.
7.5. The draw will be lived streamed on social media.

8. Notification of winning

8.1. Winners of “Wyncity 300” cards will be notified within 2 days via E-mail, Phone and/or in person

Terms & Conditions

Entries stop April 28th, 2022. All current league bowlers will receive 1 entry for each league they bowl in. Any current league bowler who refers a friend to join a league will receive an additional entry. Any non-current league members who join during this promotion will receive 2 entries. Entries are counted after your 4th week of attending a league. This competition is running at Point Cook, Morwell and Keon Park Wyncity venues.