Wyncity’s $5000 Greatest Roll-Off Pro-Am

$5000 Screen (01)

Bowlers across Australia, Wyncity INVITES you to roll off for the CHANCE to WIN a FIRST PLACE PRIZE OF $5,000!

56 Spots – 28 Wyncity League Bowlers & 28 Non Wyncity Bowlers

 This fun event is quick, rapid and pressurized!                     FINAL.  Sunday 29th September 6.00pm

*Qualify anytime you wish (lane availability permitting).


  • First nominate which division your are participating in. Either:-
  • Keon Park League Bowler
  • Non Keon Park League Bowler (bowler from anywhere else other than Keon Park)

Note you can only play in One Division throughout the entire event.  If you have a Keon Park league average you are automatically in the Keon Park League Bowler Division)

  • Pay your entry fee and bowl 2 games. Then Drop your low score.
  • Highest game is used for qualifying. (Your low game is kept on file for the purpose of any ties)
  • Should there be any ties at the conclusion of Qualifying, the highest “low” scores will take precedence. Should these scores still provide any ties a Golden Ball (1 ball) roll-off will decide the placings.

There is no limit to qualifying entry attempts

  • 56 Spots available to play off in the Final Round for the $5,000.
  • Qualifying Cost (outside of League or Tournament):- $50
  • Qualifying Cost (in League or Tournament):- $40
  • Qualifying Starts:- Monday 5th February 2024
  • Qualifying Concludes:-Wednesday 25th September 2024
  • Final. Sunday 29th September 6.00pm
  • Qualifying Option. Should you be playing in any League or Tournament at Keon Park during the Qualifying period you can use your first two game scores for qualifying purposes.


  • Monthly Prize of $50 for High Game in both Divisions for Keon Park & Non Keon Park bowlers!


  • Bowler may use only one bowling ball during Qualifying or Finals. (This does not include a “spare ball”)
  • Bowler must nominate the bowling ball before start of Qualifying & Finals.
  • There will be no “practice”/warm up before Qualifying.  Bowler goes straight into their game.
  • Finals will be played over a Knock Out format. All Finals games are played over one game matches. Ties are determined by Golden Ball.
    • Knock Out 1 – 56 bowlers (28 KP & 28 Non KP) over 28 lanes. 1 x KP League bowler and 1 x Non KP League bowler on a lane
    • Knock Out 2 – Winners of KO 1 go through. Losers from KO 1 are eliminated.  28 bowlers remain
    • Knock Out 3 – Winners of KO 2 go through. Losers from KO 2 are eliminated.  14 bowlers remain
    • Knock Out 4 – Winners of KO 3 go through PLUS A LUCKY LOSER/WILDCARD.
    • Grand Final – 8 bowlers on one pair of lanes play one game. Highest Score wins $5000!