WYNCITY is available in two great locations

Point Cook & Morwell


You haven’t played laser tag until you’ve played at WYNCITY!

To win you must score more points by landing more shots on the opposing teams target areas or completing your objective as handed out by your WYNCITY Lasertag Commander.

Your heart will be racing as you and your team mates travel through our Jungle Maze arena with plenty of special surprises that will benefit the explorer.

  • Interactive targets
  • Jungle theme or Astro Space Retro Theme
  • Up to 24 players at Point Cook or 16 Players in Morwell
  • Special effects, light and sound
  • *Closed-toe shoes required


WYNCITY has all a great variety of carnival skill based games and arcade games available at both centres.  Each game should provide heaps of fun for people of all ages and abilities

We have basketball shooting skill game, driving games, wack-a-mole and more.

Best still you are able to earn points straight into your card and redeem prizes later!

  • Play Card Point System
  • Earn points to cash in for prizes at WYNCITY’s giant redemption counter

Here are just a few of the games we have

  • Air Hockey, Big Buck Safari, Deal or No Deal, Big Bass, Dizzy Chicken, Sink It, Hoop Fever, Daytona, Wheel of Fortune, Monster Drop, Stacker and much more!!


Tenpin bowling is one of the only sports that can be enjoyed and played by all ages, abilities and genders at the one time.

Our handicap scoring system (much like that of golf) ensures that all competitors have a fair advantage.

We have bumpers, ramps and other devices to assist people of all ages and abilities to enjoy a game of Tenpin bowling so get down to either of our locations and make a new bowling memory!


Glow Mini Golf

Mini Golf is a great activity for all the family and combines brains and dexterity to create a fun and exciting time for all.  Even the maths wizard in the family will love keeping everyone in check on the score sheet.

Our courses have been designed for multiple re-playability and priced accordingly allowing you to have a repeat round and try and beat your previous score, learn how to master each hole and enjoy a quick break between one of our other great activities.

Each centre offers a different course and layout.

So make sure you select your nearest centre for information valid to your visit.



Time Freak is an attraction that challenges players to frantically race against the clock to push buttons as they light up.

Players score points by racing around the control room, pushing buttons as quickly as possible.

The more buttons you push before time runs out, the more points you score!

Time Freak is only available at our Point Cook location.