2023 International Bowling Day


Wynners get ready to roll and strike a prize this International Bowling Day at Wyncity! On August 13th, Wyncity invites you to join in the fun and excitement of bowling with the chance to win fantastic prizes. Whether you're a seasoned bowler or a first-timer, Wyncity offers an unforgettable experience for all ages and abilities.

International Bowling Day at Wyncity:
For International Bowling day, we thought we would combine our love of bowling and creating smiles to host a day of exciting bowling and fun prizes. So celebrate with us and strike a prize or go into the chance to win just by bowling at wyncity!

Lucky Lane
Every hour from 12noon to 4pm a lucky lane will be chosen, and a lucky bowler on this lane will win a prize!
A number between 1-6 (or # of people on the lane) will be chosen, and the name that aligns with the number on the scoring screen wins. (All numbers will be called randomly)

Bowl a Turkey
For the more experienced bowlers, get 3 strikes in a row and you win! Easy, isn't it?
Prizes include Wyncity merchandise, Free bowling game vouchers (used on another date), Timed play cards and more!

What is International Bowling Day?
International Bowling Day, observed annually on the second Saturday of August, is a global celebration of Ten Pin bowling. It is a day to recognize the camaraderie and joy that bowling brings to people of all backgrounds and cultures. Bowling is more than just knocking down pins; it's about building connections, creating memories, and fostering friendly competition.

How to Participate at Wyncity:

  1. Book Your Lanes: Click your venues button below to ensure you reserve your lanes in advance to secure your spot on this busy and exciting day.
  2. Bowl & have fun: Arrive at your Wyncity venue with your team, ready to bowl your heart out and have a blast.
  3. Claim Your Prizes: If you get a turket or are chosen as a lucky bowler - Come up and claim your prize!
    *3 strikes can be claimed once per game.(Go up to counter at end of the game - Do not start next game)
    *4 or more strikes does not equal extra prizes

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